Stone Carving

Care and Repair

Crevices, fissures, pits and striations are natural occurrences that enhance a stones beauty. Babu sculptures have a hard paste wax finish to protect these beauty marks. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will dull the wax finish. Buffing with a soft cloth will restore the original luster. Periodic dusting and buffing with a soft cloth will maintain the appearance. Semi annual applications of paste wax or neutral shoe polish and subsequent buffing is advisable. This maintains the luster and makes dusting easier. Do not use furniture polish; it may damage the sculptures’ wax finish.

Sculpture should be treated with care. Treat it like glass! Dropping on a hard surface may cause the stone to chip, crack or break. Avoid scratching with finger nails, rings or other hard objects. Use a dark colored, washable marker to cover small scratches.

Chipped or badly scratched areas may be restored to their original finish by: (1) Wet sanding the area with a fine grit sandpaper. (2) Heating the stone  in a 200° oven for a half hour (a butane/propane torch may be used on pieces too large for an oven). (3) Apply Johnsons or Trewax paste floor wax. Neutral, brown or black paste shoe wax may also be used. (4) Let the stone cool and the wax dry to a matte finish. (5) Polish with a soft cloth.


If you have stone carving that is damaged or needs repair, telephone (515) 824-3433 or email for a free estimate. Babu may be able to restore it to like new condition. I also repair wood carvings.

If the piece has no more than four "clean" breaks and all the pieces are intact, repair is $100 plus shipping. The shipping is a variable you can determine based upon the weight of the carving plus packaging, method of shipment and cost of insurance. If there are missing pieces and it is necessary to grind/powder stone to make filler the cost will be more.

Alternatively, you may elect to make repairs yourself. First match all the pieces. Once you are certain how the pieces fit apply a small drop of super glue to one broken face and press the broken faces together. Hold for a few moments and repeat with the subsequent pieces. DO FOLLOW THE GLUE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Use a dark colored, washable marker to cover glued areas.




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